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About PNS

PREDICTIVE NUTRIENT SOLUTIONS, INC. (PNS) is a soil and plant health optimization company that provides premium products that effectively blend Predictive Soil Testing Technologies with Intuitive Software for DIY & Professional Markets.  Our predictive decision-making platform merges disruptive soil nutrient release measurements with crop uptake demands, providing actionable insights only accomplished with our combination of technologies and software. The PNS Dashboard provides data-driven nutrient alerts, reminders, application rates and product chemistries to maximize yield, quality, and nutrient density while simultaneously eliminating or reducing the off-target movement of environmentally sensitive nutrients.

Predictive Solutions

For The DIY & Professional Markets

“It’s not the total amount of nutrient in your soil, but can your soil release those nutrients in forms and rates to match plant uptake demands at critical growth stages.”

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Designed for high volume customers. easily customizable report options available

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Designed to assist Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts to grow the healthiest lawn and garden. Customizable and retail options available.

University Research

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Supporting further University

research and the use of Ion-exchange resins


PNS has effectively blended predictive soil testing technologies with intuitive software for DIY & Professional Markets. 

Analysis Provides Plant Available Measurements of: 

NO3--N, NH4+-N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Na, Fe, Mn, Cu, B, Zn, and pH.

  • Utilizing Ion-exchange resin technology to monitor bioavailable soil nutrient data

  • PNS uses published plant nutrient requirement data to determine lbs/acre/day nutrient requirements for your soil

  • Intuitive soil monitoring process captures real-time bio-available data of soil

  • Combining ion-exchange resin technology with published plant nutrient requirements and soil nutrient data, PNS provides product type and rates to build soil quality

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